The latest world preserved flower trends - Episode 2

As promised, on a regular basis we will be bringing you the latest preserved flower trends from around the world. We will be highlighting the immense creativity and powerful design that is leading the way in long life floristry, and serves as flowerspiration for our designs and creations!

Today we will be featuring the very best in preserved flower vase designs. This is a modern take on a classic floristry staple, releasing florists of the constraint of having water in the bottom of the vase.

Fresh flower vases require regular watering, which reduces the potential for precision of the design. This results in fresh flower vases relying heavily on the selection of flowers, rather than the precise placement and configuration. 

With preserved flower vase arrangements, this constraint is removed, and the placement of the flowers becomes paramount and central to the design, as the designer can be assured there will be minimal movement and the work will remain as the design intended for years to come. 

rose, preserved rose, preserved flower, rose box, flower

As many parts of Asia are sweltering in record temperatures this summer, it is no surprise that the latest vase arrangements reflect this seasonal heat.There is also a widening in the variety of preserved flowers used for vase arrangements as an increasing number of florists are learning preserved methods, and there is greater access to wholesale speciality flowers. The days of purely preserved rose arrangements are over! The images below are a selection of designs by Florever.

We have developed our seasonal collection, with two releases so far: Autumnal Elegance, and Shades of Winter as seen below, and have captured the essence of these seasons and what they represent to us as designers. As Spring is not too far away here in Australia, we are testing designs for our next release - Melodies of Spring. 

We are also excited to announce the upcoming Rose Bouquet Collection, which perfectly displays the beauty of roses. We look forward to bringing you more news as we further develop new vase concepts!

rose, preserved rose, preserved flower, rose box, flower