Black Beauty

The black rose evokes qualities beyond that of a simple flower – mystery, fantasy, romance and intrigue. Perhaps it is no surprise that the colour that dominates the fashion lines of prestigious fashion houses is of such desire for those that treasure roses and want to send the perfect message through flowers.

The story of black roses throughout history and in modern culture, has the same mystery that the flower itself symbolises:

Irish Black Rose

When discussion of an Irish nation, and use of the name ‘Ireland”, was banned in English law to quell support for the rights of the Irish people to gain independence, the black rose was used as a code name for Ireland.


The black rose is closely intertwined with gothic culture through fiction and music. The black rose can symbolise a forbidden romance, while also representing a new beginning as the past is left behind. While it is clear that the black rose has powerful symbolism, there is no doubt that the black rose is a timeless icon that was once unattainable adding to its allure.

Black Roses in Nature

Despite numerous claims to the contrary, black roses cannot be grown naturally. In 2013, online news outlets reported that the pure black Turkish Halfeti Rose was the only black rose growing naturally, and it only grew in a single village in the Turkish countryside. It was claimed that the unique natural growing conditions had resulted in this special rose variety that was the envy of the rose growing community. However, as fact checkers have reported this was misinformation perhaps intentionally spread to boost tourism.

black rose, long lasting roses

The only known methods to create fresh black roses are to spray fresh roses or use black coloured dye to feed the roots of fresh flowers. However, the effect is temporary and our black roses go through a preserving and dying process to create perfect long lasting black roses. Coco Chanel who said “black has it all” and our customers agree making our diamond black rose boxes and square black rose boxes a clear winner for those wanting a gift that stands out and has indisputable beauty! Our black roses go through a preservation process involving glycerin, that prevents the roses from drying out, and allows the roses to take out the deepest black colour. 

black rose, white rose, long lasting roses