5 reasons people love long lasting flowers!

5 reasons why long lasting flowers are exploding in popularity!

The world fell in love with long lasting flower arrangements in 2020 and 2021, and this love affair will only continue into 2022!

Our florists at Adorosa use both dried flowers and preserved flowers in our arrangements. Our roses are all preserved, while our mixed flowers arrangements (Mini Flower Box, Mini Vase) use a mix of preserved and dried flowers.

Long lasting flowers

Dried flowers, which were often considered plain have now entered a new era of appreciation with flower designers now using them to their full potential and beauty. Dried flowers now come in a range of vivid and eye-drawing colours and they have fully shed their reputation as only being a pale alternative to fresh flowers. The range of species available to the professional and amateur florist has also expanded. 

Preserved flowers go through extra steps in the preservation process beyond being dried. This can include techniques such as colour bleaching and colour dying as well as other techniques for the flower to look and feel like a fresh flower for years. Preserved flowers are also commonly known as long lasting flowers, eternity flowers or infinity flowers because of how long they stay looking fresh for!

Flower designs with both dried and preserved flowers are in trend and here are five reasons why flower enthusiasts including our customers love them:

  1. Lasting memories - How often have you bought a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers and wish it lasted longer. Often flowers are attached to great memories and occasions. An anniversary gift of fresh flowers is often thrown away after a few days and forgotten. No longer with long lasting eternity roses and flowers!
  2. Integrated interior design - Adding a permanent arrangement to your house can create that perfect interior look. You will be able to match the design to your home and know that it will be there forever!
  3. Mind blowing colours and Unique effects - Preserved flowers can be created with amazing colours that are simply not found in nature. Ever wanted black roses or a mint coloured David Austen Rose? Now you are not limited in your colour choices expanding the colour possibilities for florists and enthusiasts alike! Also, New techniques can create metallic effects to make roses and other flowers jewel like. See our Diamond Rose Box Collection for how a sprinkling of diamond dust can make long lasting roses even more impressive! 
  4. Cost - The cost of buying fresh flowers every week is expensive and a barrier for many who would love an arrangement in their home. If someone spent fresh flowers every week for 1 year (at an average cost of $30), that is $1,560 a year - completely unaffordable for many. However, someone could buy a beautiful  Classic Rose Box arrangement from Adorosa for $209 that would last multiple years!  
  5. Environmental impact - The environmental impact of shipping fresh flowers around the world is a concern for some, with many flower lowers preferring locally grown flowers to those shipped from overseas. Long lasting flowers have a longer shelf life, there is less waste from unbought flowers, and because they last for years reduce the total volume of flowers needing to be shipped 

 At Adorosa, we love fresh flowers and there are times where fresh flowers suit the occasion! However, it is clear that long lasting inifinity roses and flowers are here to stay and give lasting memories, create lasting integrated interior designs, come in amazing colours with new effects, are cheaper, and are more sustainable!